Welcome to my ePortfolio and Blog!

I am Riya Nandi, a Physics PhD student in Virginia Tech. In another 25 years, I would like to own a bookstore, live in a lake house, spend my days doing research on Physics, Environment, artificial intelligence.

I am from a small town named Konnagar, near Kolkata, India. I wanted to be a Geologist since as early as I can remember. I carried that goal along till high school where the mysteries of physics started catching my attention. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics in Lady Brabourne College, University of Calcutta, I joined the masters program in Geophysics in the prestigious IIT Dhanbad, (then Indian School of Mines). But 3 years of rigorous Physics education had done its job and after attending Geology, Mineralogy classes for a just few days, I realized what I really wanted was to pursue Physics further. I left ISM and joined Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi where I completed my master’s degree in Physics and developed an interest in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics after doing a summer project on Bose-Einstein condensation. 

I joined Virginia Tech in 2015 and started working under Dr. Täuber’s group whose work on Phase Transitions and Critical Dynamics had motivated me to apply here. My research project involves exploring non-linear critical dynamical regimes in three-dimensional magnetic systems through simulations.  Recently I have also become interested in the diverse topics of biophysics as well, specifically the dynamics of molecular motors.

Apart from research, I have been actively involved in “Association for India’s Development- Blacksburg Chapter” which is an NGO working in the grassroots of India. My Friday evenings are generally spent discussing various sustainable projects or community empowerment issues in the villages of India. I have served as Treasurer (2017-2018) and the President (2018-2019) of the chapter.

I love to read and re-read my favorite novels in my spare time. I have a passion for travelling to new spaces, trying out new food and experiencing new cultures. I also enjoy discussing politics, playing squash, and boardgames.